This girl, though. Aksa is tied with @playde for the closest thing I have to a sister. 💜💜
Mariam & Faiz, the sweetest cousins. Msambweni, Kenya. photography by mollyinkenya.
All sorts of good.
Why Getting Comfortable Is The Worst Thing This Generation Can Possibly Do
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Lukman’s little brothers and sister ADORE him. Msambweni, 2014. photography by mollyinkenya.
Everyone just wants to hang out with Sakina. Msambweni, 2014. photography by mollyinkenya.
The less I needed, the better I felt. Charles Bukowski (via emotional-algebra)
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Savannah Sunset Ololosokuan, heaven on earth. Ngong Hills, 2014. photography by mollyinkenya.
Popo taking care of her little neighbor. This girl is such a beautiful soul. Msambweni, 2014. photography by mollyinkenya.
Auntie Tima braiding reeds to weave into mats. Msambweni, 2014. photography by mollyinkenya.