Matemwe, Zanzibar. photography by mollyinkenya.
early morning chores with the littles. msambweni, kenya. photography by mollyinkenya.

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Sweet Khadija. msambweni, 2014. photography by mollyinkenya.
chai at shangazi’s house. msambweni, 2014. photography by mollyinkenya.
Highlight of my day: a (local!) phone call from this one, who can officially read now! Can’t wait for my next msambweni weekend :) #huzeidhasmyheart
zanzibar livin.  photography by mollyinkenya.
In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. Margaret Atwood (via emotional-algebra)
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Shangazi, my aunt in Msambweni, has the cutest neighbors in the whole world. photography by mollyinkenya.

Ho Hey, East Africa Remix

(this, this, a million times this.)

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