amazing (by ballasiotes)
Kendwa Beach is magic. Zanzibar. photography by mollyinkenya.
Kevin & Ciru, looking smart at their cousin’s wedding. Kiserian, 2014. photography by mollyinkenya.
… for though we wish to live
utterly alive, within our skins,
there lives in us another yearning—
that whatever harmonic is awakened in us,
reverberate outwards,
through our voice, our step,
and outwards
and outwards. Moya Cannon, from “Harmonic Vases” (via emotional-algebra)
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Bethany enjoying her auntie’s wedding. Kiserian, Kenya, 2014. photography by mollyinkenya.

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We’re all just walking each other home. [Ram Dass] • Msambweni, Kenya.
Gathering up the neighbors to go play some sunset soccer. Mrima, Kenya. photography by mollyinkenya.

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Not enough baby elephants in my daily life.